Monday, July 26, 2010

Do you treat your cell phone like your Bible?

Update: for the Smart Masses (::cough:: M. O'R ::cough::) out there who's Bible is on their smartphones/ipad/kindle/whatevers - just go with it... ;o) But for those who are still stuck in the 20th century and have a Bible Made of paper.

I just finished reading Greg Laurie's Daily Devotion for today and it really got me thinking... so much so, that I didn't go to my next email, but decided to share about it.

I'm trying to think of what I kept close to me as much as my cell phone is to me today. I don't think there was anything maybe my watch (?).

Think about your cell phone... where is it right now? I know my phone is usually within an arm's reach. I'm always on it. Either checking facebook, twitter, email, texting, playing games, making my grocery list, etc. It's such an important tool in my every day living.

Now, ask yourself, "What if you treated your Bible like you do your cell phone." I wish I could say that I do. But I don't. Can you imagine your walk if you did? How much stronger and more knowledgeable you'd be? It'd be with me wherever I'd go. If I have a moment, I'd crack it open and just read a little... skim through old notes that I've jotted on the margins, refreshing my soul, being open to new insights, etc...

I just looked at my old iphone... it is beat up. Granted it's the cover that's beat up, but still... It's been everywhere - dropped (water/coffee, earth, and concrete), kept in my pocket for i don't know how many hours, in my backpack (read: purse), talked on, typed on, and handled by my almost-3 year old.

With all that being said - I need to crack open my Bible more often.

I love the quote at the end of the devotion: "As it has been said, a Bible that is falling apart is usually a good indication of a life that isn't."

(side note: my little guy LOVES playing PocketGod on both iPhone and iPad)

I totally recommend Greg's Devotion that's emailed daily. It's short, to the point, and full of spiritual growth goodies.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I don't know what's going on or what. But I'm hitting that super funk mood again.
Like the just-want-to-cry AND jump out the window mood.

My bloodsugars have been "normal"... can't blame it on that...

::stares... with nothing else to say::

Monday, July 12, 2010

Double Rainbow - For those who need a laugh...

UPDATE: The remix version is available on iTunes! Double Rainbow Song.

Continue on...

I saw this youtube of the double rainbow and this guy is trippin' out on how awesome it is. Then someone remixed his rainbow awesomeness trippage... Here are the two videos...

After the first 30 seconds you kinda get the idea for the remainder of the video. 

Then, the remixed version....

May you laugh and be as stoked out on beautiful things as this fellow (minus the being high part...)

ciao bella.

Friday, July 9, 2010

5:01am... Not a fan, especially when it's for a low.

So yesterday morning I woke up just before 5 with a low. Grabbed some skittles from my night stand, and laid there eating. I then went down stairs to test my blood sugar. I've never recorded myself while I had a low, but here it is.

p.s. after getting back to bed, there was a little curmudgeon on my side of the bed... and after 15 minutes of lying there, he thinks it's time to wake up cause the sun is up. ugh. so basically no sleep after 5am. I was not a happy camper that morning...zzzz.....

As the day went on, things got better and the BG's behaved.

Made myself a yummoliscious salad for lunch. Yes, those are chips in my salad. Actually, there's sour cream and chedder chips, tomatoes, pepperoncini, pickles, cottage cheese, pine nuts, salsa, and just a little bit of Ranch and Italian restaurant dressing.

Then after dinner I sat on our porch around twilight time. I lit my tea candles (pictured in lower right hand corner), drank my half-caf coffee, and curled up with my VU Sweatshirt blanket and iPad. So peaceful.

p.s. the giant plant in the way is Mr. Tomato plant. :o) Hoping to have some ripe Johnny tomatoes soon! :o)

Here's to a crummy start to a relaxing finish.

Thanks for listening, (and watching!)

Lindsey O.

oh and there was some really cute squirrels that visited us...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good to know - Egg Freshness

How do you know if your eggs in the fridge or are still good? I got this tip from the RealSimple Magazine e-newletter thingy :

Test eggs’ freshness. Unsure how long that carton has been sitting in the back of the refrigerator? Simply drop each egg into a bowl of water. If it lies on its side on the bottom, it’s fresh. If it stands on end, use it within a couple of days. Eggs that float to the top should be tossed on the spot.

Good to know...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

These Aren't The Droids You Are Looking For...

I wrote this post about a day after the Russian bombings at the end of March, but apparently never published it on my blog...

"So this is a little odd... who would have thought that "O'Rourke" was a popular name... I've been asked twice in the last 3 weeks if I was related to an O'Rourke and more specifically asked if I was the "Lindsey O'Rourke" who published an article in the NY Times in August of last year about women and terrorism. I kindly replied on facebook to the gal who asked me and told her no and good luck finding her. Then 3 weeks later - boom. literally. In Moscow. In case you haven't heard, but they are linking the bombings in Russia to terrorism and it was women who deployed the bombs in their busy Metro. Here is an article from BBC on the bombings and The Other Lindsey O'Rourke's post back in August 2008."

And right after the bombings happened I got a direct message from a BBC news Twitter account asking my thoughts on the attack. Which I replied that I'm not the same Lindsey O'Rourke that wrote about women and terrorism. At the time Lindsey O'Rourke did not have a twitter account, nor people with similar twitter account names.

Well, needless to say, my popularity is over. ;o)

Have a splendid day. :o)

Lindsey O.