Thursday, July 1, 2010

These Aren't The Droids You Are Looking For...

I wrote this post about a day after the Russian bombings at the end of March, but apparently never published it on my blog...

"So this is a little odd... who would have thought that "O'Rourke" was a popular name... I've been asked twice in the last 3 weeks if I was related to an O'Rourke and more specifically asked if I was the "Lindsey O'Rourke" who published an article in the NY Times in August of last year about women and terrorism. I kindly replied on facebook to the gal who asked me and told her no and good luck finding her. Then 3 weeks later - boom. literally. In Moscow. In case you haven't heard, but they are linking the bombings in Russia to terrorism and it was women who deployed the bombs in their busy Metro. Here is an article from BBC on the bombings and The Other Lindsey O'Rourke's post back in August 2008."

And right after the bombings happened I got a direct message from a BBC news Twitter account asking my thoughts on the attack. Which I replied that I'm not the same Lindsey O'Rourke that wrote about women and terrorism. At the time Lindsey O'Rourke did not have a twitter account, nor people with similar twitter account names.

Well, needless to say, my popularity is over. ;o)

Have a splendid day. :o)

Lindsey O.

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