Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary! and an awesome stache.

On Monday we celebrated our 7th Anniversary! So blessed!! Crazy how time flies! I guess I'm realizing that more and more. Time doesn't move as slow as it did say in college, high school, or elementary school. Especially elementary school - that felt like two life times! ha! Trying to enjoy my time and life as much as I can, while I can - because I don't want to look back saying I wish I did more or spent more time with family and friends.

So we are super practical with our gifts - most of the time. For instances, my vacuum died 2 days before Valentines - and that's what I wanted. :) Poor Marcos got flak from a ton of people, but I reassured them that it was actually what I wanted. 1st anniversary we got a HP black and white laser printer. He is still here with us today. :) Mr. HP LaserJet 1022. etc. etc. So for this year, we got a little Weber BBQ. Smokey Joe. Keeping a super low profile on our patio. So BBQ and our special dinner place and call it two thumbs up. Oh, and a Crayola white board. Love it! :)

However, the thing that truly made our day was 1) Marcos had the day off! and 2) Johnny and his new mustache. HAHA HUH-LLLARRRIIIOUS.

That's all for now.

OH, and I hit a homerun tonight!! :) Doesn't matter what league, division, or type of softball... it still feels good. :)

Just the facts, ma'am.

My studs.


  1. I am severely blessed and stoked that I was able to not only be at your wedding, but be in your wedding! Seven years, man!!!

    1. Thanks, Kyle!! I'm so glad that you were apart of our wedding too! Super blessed! It's flown by!
      P.S. we miss you guys lots. We must get together soon!