Monday, January 31, 2011

Another to file under - for when I get a house...

I received an email from Plow and Hearth and the most beautiful cupboard appeared.

It is by Plow & Hearth. It is a Large Conestoga Cupboard. Beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have $1400 to shell out. So, this picture will have to do.


- LO

Friday, January 21, 2011

iPhone cardboard scanner

No kidding. An iPhone scanner made of cardboard. Featured in the Evernote blog - Kyle Koch used Evernote extensively while in school. And here is one of his creations.


Peace out geeks,


Cute Crochet idea!

I was going through my google reader and on one of the most unsuspecting blog I found the cutest knitted/crocheted hat!

It's from Kat Von D's younger brother's blog (Michael). I know, right?! So cool.
Side note: I absolutely LOVE watching Kat on LA Ink. What an amazing artist!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

PC program featuring Mac computer...oops.

Ok, so iPod Rip allows you to transfer your music from your ipod or iphone to your PC. However, on their home page, it's a mac not a PC, and this program is for just PCs. So, I was a litte confused when I went to open the program that I just downloaded and it wanted to open it in TextEdit. Nice. Here is my photo evidence. ha. enjoy.

iPod Rip's webpage clip

MacBook Pro


Close... but no bananas.

Ciao geeks,


p.s. just watched The Social Network for the first time tonight. I enjoyed it. $65 million, meh.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prepping for Gardening 2011

It's january and I don't want to get behind the ball on my gardening. I still consider myself a super newbie gardener. I'd say I had a 50% success rate this past season. However, I think I would've had a better harvest if I actually started planting before June. ;-) Armed with more helpful tips and hints from family, friends, books, and blogs - I hope to have a more successful harvest.

Johnny helped me dump out the old soil from the pots and we let them dry out.
We technically only have the concrete to work with, but since the area between the concrete and pond is neglected by our apartment complex, I've commandeered it. :-) so I was thinking to not draw too much attention by the apartment managment, just to toss some flower seeds down, and if anything grows - awesome! And if not, oh well. :-)

Here's to a happy harvest!

- LO

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cleaning Spree with Awesome Tips!

I've been using cleaning detergents for I don't know how long - forever! I saw this post by Corynne and I think I saved the link, emailed it myself, posted it, etc. How great! Home cleaning solutions! Love it.
Then RealSimple sends their weeklyish tips, most of the time they are really great, other times I just skim through their tips. But this one is directly and awesomely related to the "file that under - who knew? home cleaning supplies." There were just six on the landing page of the link... then I saw the glorious "more uses" ... that went on and on!!

So, I've actually been side railed on my cleaning spree from this morning by posting this, but I HAD to get it out. Happy cleaning!



Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Scarf

So here are the two scarves I mentioned. The one on the left (brown and yellow) was finished while we were up in twin peaks and not able to go outside. 

I started the green scarf … gosh, had to be 2006 - before my little boy. It’s been stashed away in my yarn box for a long time now. It’s made it through 2 moves and plenty of box shuffling. I’m just glad it’s DONE! It’s actually quite funny, because with my running joke with my bestie, I don’t give presents to her on time. I’m talking 10, 15, 20 years of not giving gifts on time. Yeah. Way lame of me, but super funny when I gave her a 1997 calendar of her favorite dog breed in 2003. or a pencil with a cute snowman eraser from 1993, and gave it to her also in 2003. It was her 21st birthday and I gave her all the delayed gifts. It was a riot. 
But needless to say… it is finished! :-)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crocheting and Pasta Making

So I've picked up my crochet hook and pasta maker and have been goin' to town! I'll take some photos of my recent work/food and post them.

We went to Twin Peaks, CA and we were basically snowed in. The rain and snow kept us from driving around town. I didn't mind staying inside. Our room didn't have a TV so we were able to read, crochet, watch movies on our iPad, and have fun as a family. I really didn't miss our TV while we were there. It made time go by so much slower and we got to enjoy doing things we normally don't get to do.

I'll have to pull the photos off my camera and phone and post more.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Christmas was wonderful and all the events that we got to do with our friends and family was super fun.

Here's to 2011.

Looking forward to 2011, but a little skiddish about it. Don't know why. I guess it's just a lot of the unknown that I shouldn't be worried about.....