Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Scarf

So here are the two scarves I mentioned. The one on the left (brown and yellow) was finished while we were up in twin peaks and not able to go outside. 

I started the green scarf … gosh, had to be 2006 - before my little boy. It’s been stashed away in my yarn box for a long time now. It’s made it through 2 moves and plenty of box shuffling. I’m just glad it’s DONE! It’s actually quite funny, because with my running joke with my bestie, I don’t give presents to her on time. I’m talking 10, 15, 20 years of not giving gifts on time. Yeah. Way lame of me, but super funny when I gave her a 1997 calendar of her favorite dog breed in 2003. or a pencil with a cute snowman eraser from 1993, and gave it to her also in 2003. It was her 21st birthday and I gave her all the delayed gifts. It was a riot. 
But needless to say… it is finished! :-)

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