Friday, July 9, 2010

5:01am... Not a fan, especially when it's for a low.

So yesterday morning I woke up just before 5 with a low. Grabbed some skittles from my night stand, and laid there eating. I then went down stairs to test my blood sugar. I've never recorded myself while I had a low, but here it is.

p.s. after getting back to bed, there was a little curmudgeon on my side of the bed... and after 15 minutes of lying there, he thinks it's time to wake up cause the sun is up. ugh. so basically no sleep after 5am. I was not a happy camper that morning...zzzz.....

As the day went on, things got better and the BG's behaved.

Made myself a yummoliscious salad for lunch. Yes, those are chips in my salad. Actually, there's sour cream and chedder chips, tomatoes, pepperoncini, pickles, cottage cheese, pine nuts, salsa, and just a little bit of Ranch and Italian restaurant dressing.

Then after dinner I sat on our porch around twilight time. I lit my tea candles (pictured in lower right hand corner), drank my half-caf coffee, and curled up with my VU Sweatshirt blanket and iPad. So peaceful.

p.s. the giant plant in the way is Mr. Tomato plant. :o) Hoping to have some ripe Johnny tomatoes soon! :o)

Here's to a crummy start to a relaxing finish.

Thanks for listening, (and watching!)

Lindsey O.

oh and there was some really cute squirrels that visited us...

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