Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gardening Season is back!

Wow, sorry for such a long gap in postings! Last post was in October about how the growing season was ending...

Blogging is back. Much goes on hiatus during softball season. For those who don't know, I'm an assistant coach for Calvary Chapel's varsity softball team in Santa Ana. And I absolutely love it! We had a fantastic season this year. Continuing our Orange Coast League Undefeated streak to 4 years! The girls are awesome. We are losing 3 seniors this year. :-( We are super proud of them and look forward to seeing what God has for their lives as they continue on with college. :-) If you haven't checked us out yet we are on Facebook, Twitter, and our own website. ALSO! If you buy fireworks for 4th of July, come by our stand at Harbor and MacArthur in Santa Ana. We are doing our first softball firework stand as a fundraiser! Super excited for it. It'll be here before I know it!

 So now that softball is over, I have begun my annual post-softball season apartment cleaning, and blog post! ha! It seems to go that way each year.

On to gardening!! :-D I planted a handful of seeds in my in-laws garden again in May. Hoping to go back to their place and see how my little plants are doing. I have a little Garden Diary that I write down what I planted and when. I try to put in little updates on what was worked/grew or not, often writing suggestions down for next time, or just some random thoughts that I might have. However, one of those most recurring thoughts is - I want a bird. :-) Ha!

Well, that's all for now until more photos are taken of the patio garden.

Ciao Bella,


Potato #5 tag
My adopted garden at my In-Laws
 :: created from a stick that I cut down and a folder label ::
Photo credit: Marcos O'Rourke

Potato Tags and Gloves on a hay bail

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