Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Patio Garden going through some tough times...

My last update was with most of my sprouts being fairly happy for the most part. The peppers weren't budding so I sprayed my plants with Epsom salt and water. Hopefully this will help...

Now comes the sad patio news, over the past week, the squirrels have attacked my plants at the stem.

Roma Tomato. And he was doing the best too.

Beef Steak. There were 3 going good.
WwhhhHHyyyYYy squirrels?! Aaahhhh! :-(

Well. On a good note, my peppers are starting to bud.

First Bud.
Fortunately, I'm hoping that this Roma will survive. I have to have at least ONE tomato plant... just one...

"I'm a Survivor! I'm not gunna give up. I'm gunna make it. I will survive."
Thank you Destiny's Child.

Well that's my garden update for today. Praying that more plants will survive.



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  1. I love love LOVE the little hearts on the planter! Although it sucks the critters got to your tomatoes!