Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost at the end of the growing season

I tried my best as keeping the plants alive this year.
Here's what's left:
- Star Jasmine "Jasmine"
- Johnny Tomato
- Blueberry "Jake"
- Jalapeño
- Calla lily "Lily Belle"
- egg plant (no flowers this year)

Since I'm in a 9/10 region (however with low sunlight due to apartments and trees), I'm going to try and get at least one or two tomatoes to ripen.
As I was cleaning today, I forgot that I had tied my tomato plant to another pot's support stick. So as I moved the tomato pot -- SNAP --. Oops, that'd be the strongest of the tomato plant left hanging on the support stick - in another pot. Le sigh. Fortunately there are a few flowers and buds growing still on the main stem line. I kept the broken off stems to see if they'd ripen off the plant. Here's to hoping.
The jalapeño plant was most successful.
I got 1 cucumber this year! Hooray!
The Calla Lily seems to be doing great. I hope she has flowers next year. I saw one for a short time this year. And wow, was it beautiful. Made me appreciate it more.
Star Jasmine finally was blooming flowers after the initial replanting shock. Hooray! I love the smell of star jasmines.
The Blueberry plant didn't grow any Buds this year. I think it takes a few years to start producing. Until then, we'll be patient.
We named the plants this year. It was fun. I think next year we will put name placards on each pot. I think that'd be fun. :-)


P.S. the plants that didn't grow/died/mauled by squirrels are on the green lid. Yep. :-(

The survivors.

Tomato Plant with flowers and bud.
All the plants that didn't make it.
Star Jasmine "Jasmine"
Jalepeno Plant with flower.
Eggplant. Yeah, he hasn't grown much...
Calla Lily "Lily Belle"
Blueberry plant "Jake" - new growth

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