Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Garden Update - We have flowers...

Yay! There are flowers on my veggie plants! Praying that the flowers will bud and we'll get at least a few tomatoes, and maaaaybe some bell peppers (not pictured).

My Tomato Plant have flowers!! A few but the yellow flowers are there!

A few JalapeƱo Peppers left on the tree - I already picked 3 off that day. 

My Star Jasmine finally bloomed flowers!! :-) 

My Eggplant with no flowers. :-(

I have to say my bell pepper plants were looking pretty good until the hail and a ton of rain was dumped on the plants. :-( I loved the hail and rain, my plants did not. The bells are super droopy right now. I might give it some epsom salt and see if that helps.

Also, dilute your fish fertilizer in water - don't just dump it on the soil and water it. oops. I think the rain washed it all out anyway.

Cucumber update: we only got one cuc this year. I feel more equipped for next year, but wished more grew this year...

I'll have to take a picture of all the plants that didn't make it this year. Also, to not START at the beginning of JULY. UGH.

Happy mid-September!! It's football season! and the final games of Angels baseball is winding down. Hoping for a miracle, buuuuttt it's a long shot. o_O

Hoping to don my boots next week!! Praying more cooler weather. :O)

Ciao bellas,


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  1. Dontcha just love seeing the fruits of your labor!? Looks great!
    I remember you, btw... so glad you stopped by today!