Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prepping for Gardening 2011

It's january and I don't want to get behind the ball on my gardening. I still consider myself a super newbie gardener. I'd say I had a 50% success rate this past season. However, I think I would've had a better harvest if I actually started planting before June. ;-) Armed with more helpful tips and hints from family, friends, books, and blogs - I hope to have a more successful harvest.

Johnny helped me dump out the old soil from the pots and we let them dry out.
We technically only have the concrete to work with, but since the area between the concrete and pond is neglected by our apartment complex, I've commandeered it. :-) so I was thinking to not draw too much attention by the apartment managment, just to toss some flower seeds down, and if anything grows - awesome! And if not, oh well. :-)

Here's to a happy harvest!

- LO

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