Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So many lows! What The Face?

I was thinking back to the last time that I went on bike ride or had any type of extended aerobic activity. Apparently it was before Johnny was born - before I was diagnosed with Type1.

I play softball at least once a week and during this past softball season I was coaching, but as coaches out there know, you have light to moderate activity. So even though I was active this season coaching softball I haven't worked out like this in a long time.

With all that to say... Since Tuesday, I have been having some crrraazzyyyy lows!!! Like below 40's 2+ times a day! And they have come up on me without notice! I usually am like a rubber bouncing ball with my BG's after a low, but they have been staying low.

Is this what usually happens after intense workouts?? My cousin who also is a T1 said that the lows can last up to 24-36 hours... Seriously????

I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday, but I don't think that would be the culprit.

This is so frustrating because I try to work hard to stay in shape, but I've been consuming carbs to bring my sugars back. :-( almost completely negating all that I just worked out for. Ugh!! If I were to eat sugar tabs i would have to eat like 3 bottles - which would be *gross*. I wish there were a higher carb tab brand out there like "Uber-Carb Tabs" or something. A tab that would be worth 20g or 40g carbs and not just 4g. Seriously folks, 4g? I need more for a low than that.

Oi. And then I hear about Cynthia passing away.... Soooo sad. I don't know if it's because information is traveling faster with social media or what, but I've been hearing about so many more T1's dying in this past year and a half. I'm glad that we are able to connect and be there for each other through the tough times.

Thanks for listening,

Lindsey O.

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  1. Lindsey!

    All your lows make sense even if it isn't in the window after you exercise, but as you exercise more often your metabolism over is increasing and becoming more efficient!

    I'm writing a book on exactly this :)

    If you're having too many lows...that need less insulin :) Talk to your doc about adjustments, and keep it up with all that exercise!