Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In House IT email.

Email to my mom about her 2 Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Mice:

K, so this is what I think what’s going on with the mouses…mices…mooses(?). Mice. Whatever.

1)     1) The one with the broken battery lid – the mouse itself is broken. When the battery is put in, the optical light doesn’t turn on.
2)     2) The one with gray right and left click buttons is the one that works. When the battery is put in, the light turns on.
3)     3) However, the Bluetooth USB guy belongs to the one that the light doesn’t work.

Final comments:
I think the gray button mouse will work once you find the Bluetooth that it belongs to. J Happy mousing.

Thank you,
Your 'In House' IT. :o)

Working...but without the USB Bluetooth friend
Not working...but has his bluetooth partner.

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