Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Here

It's been a while... like a real long while since I've posted. But it's hard to find quiet times to write something.
I've been doing much better from my last post.

After many tears, thoughts, and prayer I want to say it came down to spiritual warfare - which it normally does when it gets that bad. I was going consistently to Calvary Living Word, being spiritually nourished. It was a long time since I was excited to go to church. It use to be a chore, of sorts, to go - but now I actually *want* to go.

Besides actually enjoying going to church, I was asked to be the assistant coach for Calvary Chapel High School's softball team. I knew what my heart's desire was, but I wanted to make sure it's what God wanted. I was praying a lot and asking Him that He better shut the doors completely because I don't take subtle hints. I would be praying for His guidance and will, but end up crying because of the passion bursting out on how much I wanted to help coach. Always ending in the prayer, "You better take this desire and opportunity completely away if you don't want me to coach. I want it Your way."

As of today... it's still a "Go". I am more than excited and also scared at the same time. I am glad that I am not in the head coach position. Too much responsibility and time that it would involve - going to meetings, setting up games, etc. We are going to work out a babysitter system so Johnny could be watched during practice and game days. I also like that 1) season is in the spring, 2) practice is on the Calvary softball field, and 3) single games and not double headers. Most importantly... it's softball. I love the game. So here's to Spring 2010. GO EAGLES!!

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