Monday, December 21, 2009

Disneyland Paris revisted

So I'm going through my Google Reader and I came across and article from the Disneyland Blog about Disneyland Paris. Reading the article I found myself walking through June 2005's memory lane.

Here's a little look back of DL Paris and the comment I left:

We had the opportunity to go to Paris for our honeymoon (in June of 2005) and on our last day we went to Disneyland Paris. We were there during the hottest heatwave they’ve had in years – people died from the heat!! Needless to say it was scorching at disneyland.
Fortunately when we were in Paris it was SO clean. They were up for nomination to hold the Olympics. Why can’t it be like that all the time? It was SO beautiful and everyone was SUPER friendly – everywhere.
Side Note: We made the mistake by taking the Metro to DL Paris. There is a special ticket to get into the resort. I don’t know if they still do this now or not, but we had to pay 20 Euros each to get out of the train depot!
We stayed for only a short time and if we ever get back, I would love to stay more than one day at the resort.
Oh! One thing that we noticed at DL P was that the queues were so much wider that the ones in Anaheim. We experienced the lack of personal space that other guests give you and because of the wide queues – if you don’t hug the person in front of you others will cut in front of you. It was a little bit of culture shock! It was fun to tell our stories of the overcrowding queues, almost getting stuck at the Metro train depot, hotter than hades weather, how much more awesome Space Mountain is there, live roosters and chickens walking around the frontierland area, how much scarier haunted mansion was, and so much more.
I would *LOVE* to go back in the early spring. Oh, and THE day we left it was the most beautiful and pleasant weather. ;o) Go figure.

I <3 Disneyland,

Lindsey O.

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