Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here comes the sun... Doo dooo do dooo

The rain has come and I'm hoping that the rain is done. I have been waiting patiently to plant my garden. I've been trying to follow the sun patterns on our patio and I think the reason why my plants started to grow faster in May was due to the fact that the sun's positioning was much better than it is now. Right now I'm hardly getting any ample amount of sunlight. :-( sad panda - right??
Call me crazy, but I look at places and get I guess you would call it sun-envy. Sun-envy: envious of homes or places of business that get 4+ hours of direct sunlight each day.

One day I'll have a yard with full sunlight and beautiful soil. ... One day.

Happy gardening,



  1. Perhaps consider the types of plants that to well with less direct sunlight. Mint, for example, does very well with less sunlight and makes a lovely garnish or tea for when you've got a cold.

    Though a lovely garden with the perfect amount of sunlight for big, bountiful tomatoes and peppers is always nice .... (le sigh).

    Good luck with your 2011 garden!

  2. Funny you should mention mint... cause that was already growing wildly in the ground right beyond our patio cement.

    Thanks! I'm hoping for some good sunlight and keeping the pesky squirrels off my pots. :o)