Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Late Night Post

Good Evening Night dwellers.... or if you are reading this during the day - Happy Daytime to you,

Ok, so I'm trying to be more Google-ly. I'm using google reader (a lot), google docs, calendar (alllll the time), etc etc etc...
How ever my techie (trekkie - whathaveyou) hubby said, "whoah, we had 3837829190 visits to this one document that's on KWVE's website." I blinked and replied..."saywwwhhhaaaa?? You can track individual documents??" I looked at him more... as my 2 year old would say, "I want it."

So after mulling around in google docs and google analytics and spending wayyyy too much time on the computer when I should be reading New Moon - I published/shared my Blood Glucose Test Results Sample page. This is the form that I fill out in Numbers and then print it out at when I go visit my endocrinologist. Side note: I shared with my doctor that I can email him my BG results and since I'd put it in a PDF format that he'd be able to attach my PDF document to my ePatient file on their new paperless system. His response, "You can do that?" yeah. way stoaked. Ok, so back to my story, I shared my BG test results doc, went to settings in google docs, clicked editing, and "Use Google Analytics to track the number of visits to your published documents," got a new google analytics tracking code just for docs, and so when I want to post a document I get the link from "Share/get link to share" and make it a link. Tah-dah.

So to test my theory. If you could be so kind as to click on my sample BG Test Results link and leave any comments like "wow, that's cool." or "yeah, didn't work for me." or "wait, what was I suppose to do." So I can have some kind of feed back and TRACKING (woot) of how many page views the document gets.

I started to type "Oh, and" then I went to another tab to look at something... and forgot what I was going to say. I think the tall mocha frappuccino light with a *ton* of whip cream is wearing off....

Without further ado:

Thanks for listening,


p.s. remember - feed back. If you want to "download" the document - click print, open the downloaded document and then print from there.
Google you rock.

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