Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Postin' a Low at Church

We get to church on Wednesday night, a few weeks ago, sign johnny in to his class, get into the sanctuary at Calvary Chapel Living Word, find a seat, we have a few songs of worship... and then I'm feeling a low come on. After worship we stand up and Pastor Terry says hi, welcome etc and then tells us to greet some people around us. Now I know I'm low and I need to get some sugar quick. I didn't want to test right before shaking anyones hands, so I waited until we said our hello's and sat down. I tested. 3...2...1... -43- awesome. not.
I dig into my purse looking for my Halloween pumpkin candy corns (those suckers have like 30 carbs for like 5 pieces), can't find them. I know they are there. Finally I find them, trying not to make noise when the service started. Shoved 3 pieces in my mouth. I was glad that tonight's service wasn't packed as a Sunday morning service would be. That's always fun, rooting around in your purse making noise to find -candy-. Joy. So I stuffed the piece of candy in my mouth and I make a quick glance and my head slightly down so I don't draw attention that I'm eating. No people, I'm not 8 and I can control my candy cravings - I have to eat something.
::sigh:: So throughout the rest of the service I'm feeling the sugar go through my system, relaxing my shaking hands, feeling strength come back to my core, and the weird feeling of my tongue coming un-numb. And now, not paying attention/being sidetracked and having wandering thoughts - I tried to focus as much as I could at what Pastor Terry was talking about, but nonetheless, feels like I wasted a night of church. :(
I didn't feel normal until close to the later end of service. :( Praise the Lord I was able to take some notes, or I wouldn't remember most of the message. Anyways...

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I, myself can relate! Ha! I am a new T1(Oct 2009) and have to keep those fast melting peppermint candies, Girl, I even have 1 or 2 of those small 6oz cans of oj-just in case! Once I was in church and service was dismissed, and I felt a low coming on, and man-I get so confused-my preacher looked about 6.5 feet tall and I was having a hard time talking to anyone.
    I try to take more precautions to stay stocked up.
    Hope you have a great day tomorrow!