Friday, January 22, 2010

OneTouch New Meter Study

Last year I participated in a meter study by OneTouch through my Endocrinologist's office.
The meter is the VirioPro. It was nice. I liked the options it had as far as tagging and calculating carbs-insulin. That was a fun - being able to set your carb to insulin ratio, along with your corrective dose. I would be for sure be interested in getting one when it comes out, obviously as long as it doesn't break the bank.
Here's a few snapshots of the meter (taken with iphone 3G camera)

Current Meter for Insulin Study: Precision Xtra

 OneTouch VirioPro (left) and my current Precision next to each other.
Note: The OT holds it's test strips in the bottle and the Precision

What would make this even more fantastic is that it would be able to sync/talk to my iphone. :-)

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