Monday, August 2, 2010

File that Under: When I get a House

I usually don't have the "::gasp::! I want it!", but once again I had a gotta-have-it (when I get a home) moment.

Last time it was a Potting Bench from Gardener's Supply Company, but hello, it was $189. A fine piece, but my (got on sale for $20) Ikea wire shelving thingy will do just fine on our apartment patio.


Isn't it dreamy??

Anyways, so this time it was a Weber BBQ from Williams-Sonoma. I'm sure I can find it elsewhere, but for now, it's at WS.
Quick touch start, but it's charcoal and the ashes collect at the bottom for easy disposal. I'm still trying to figure out what the caddy is on the right hand side, maybe it's to hold cookware? hmm. I dunno, I think it's amazing. :o)

Yup. One Day. :o)


Lindsey O.

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