Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let the Butt Kicking Begin

I'm tired of how I'm letting my body turn in to mush and just becoming so sedentary. It's driving me crazy. I've always had an athletic build, but I've never been "skinny." But as of late, the pounds have been stacking. I'm tired of looking at pictures of me and crying. I love taking pictures with family and friends, but I've been dreading how they might turn out these days...

My dear friend (from elementary school through high school and beyond), Michelle, has invited my honey and I to work out with her and her personal trainer. I'm so proud of her. She's worked her tail off for the past 8 months and it shows. 

This isn't my quest to be "skinny." Yes, it would be nice, but I just want to get back into the range that I know my body should be at and to be more toned. My desired goal is 20 lbs (I'd even take 15). I've seen myself 20 lbs lighter, and I had more energy, felt better, and hopefully my numbers will become more level too. Having to use less insulin is also a perk. 

Some may think it's a lot, or some may think that 15-20 lbs is hardly anything at all. Because my is pretty much against change, 15 lbs will be a *huge* feat for me. There are plenty of active type 1 diabetics out there, I know I can be one too. 

Something needs to change. And tonight is that first step. 

Here's to the couch and let's be honest - less stuffing my face.



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