Friday, August 13, 2010

OC Fair - very fun until I felt like I was going to pass out.

Weirdest thing happened at the fair tonight... I was standing at a
demo table and this wave of dizziness came over me. I pardoned myself
from the lady giving the lotion demo, dropped down, and test my blood
glucose - not low at all. Stood back up she finished and a second wave
of dizziness/diminishing vision came over me... I found a spot and sat
down, retested, a little higher reading (tested on my other hand and
with alcohol wipe), waited a little bit and walked out of the
auditorium and I was fine... Very weird. As fast as it came it left.
Besides the freak dizziness onset, we had a blast and Johnny went on
his first fair ride! The kiddie Farris Wheel. Which was not kiddie at
all! It was so fast and kinda had a crackle noise as the buckets
settled when the wheel stopped. Johnny covered his eyes most of the
time. It was super cute. As we first took off I wrapped my leg around
his, cause I was certain he would have fallen out if I didn't do that.
Yay for mommy reflexes!
Oh and I think one of the Italian food booths was playing the CD, Mob
Hits (one of my all time fav CDs).
Anyways, until next year OC Fair...
Caio Caio!
Lindsey O.

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